Joanna Priestley

Moving Image, 2000

Joanna Priestley has produced and directed 22 films, which have won awards in film festivals around the world, including the National Educational Film Festival (First Prize), National Independent Film and Video Festival (Grand Prix), Big Muddy Film Festival (Best of Festival), Canadian International Animation Festival (Special Merit Award), Athens Film and Video Festival (First Prize) and the Cindy Competition (Gold Award). Priestley studied painting and printmaking at Rhode Island School of Design and at UC Berkeley, and also attended California Institute of the Arts, where she received an MFA and the Louis B. Mayer Award. She has served as Coordinator of the Northwest Film and Video Festival, Director of Strictly Cinema, Editor of The Animator, Regional Coordinator of the Northwest Film Center, Co-Director and Co-Founder of FILMA: Women’s Film Forum and founding President of ASIFA Northwest. Priestley also teaches animation production and is an artist leader in Creative Capital’s Professional Development Program.

Priestley Motion Pictures

Awards and Accomplishments

2010: Priestley receives First Prize (Jury Award) at the Black Maria Film Festival for her animated short film, _Missed Aches_

2009: A retrospective of Priestley's films is screened at REDCAT in Los Angeles, CA

2007: Priestley's film _Streetcar Named Perspire_ wins Third Prize Director’s Choice Award at the Black Maria Film Festival and is a finalist at the Kalamazoo Animation Festival

2007: Priestley receives Caldera Foundation Residency

2007: Priestley is awarded the Media Arts Fellowship by Oregon's Regional Arts and Culture Council

2006: Priestley's film _Dew Line_ wins Director’s Citation at the Black Maria Film Festival and First Prize at the Big Muddy Film Festival

2005: Priestley’s film _Andaluz_ wins Special Jury Diploma at the Bimini International Animated Film Festival, Second Prize at the ASIFA-San Francisco Animation Awards and the Jury Award for Best Independent Animation at the New England Film & Video Festival

2004: Priestley’s film _Andaluz_ wins First Prize at the Kalamazoo Animation Festival International, Director's Choice Award at the Black Maria Film and Video Festival, and the Excellence in Experimental Techniques Award at the ASIFA-East Animation Awards

2002: Priestley receives Millay Colony Residency

2002: Priestley receives First Place Award for Expression at the Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival in Korea

2001: Priestley receives MacDowell Colony Residency