Eric Saks

Moving Image, 2001

Eric Saks’s work integrates his experience in both experimental media and commercial production. His videos include the installations Infinity (2000) and Show and Tell (1999), and the films Creosote (1995) and Straight Talk About Deserts (1993). Saks’s work has been screened on public television, and at numerous festivals and galleries. He is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, and grants from the Annenberg Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts, among others.

Saks’ fifteen-year career has focused on the topics of telephony, gun control, hazardous waste, underground youth lifestyle, and spirituality. In addressing contemporary issues Saks’ projects center on individuals wrestling with ways to preserve individuality while participating in community.

Awards and Accomplishments

2005: Saks is Artist-in-Residence at The Grotto in Cotignac, France

2004: Saks receives Durfee Foundation Production grant

2002: Saks is included in an exhibition of four Creative Capital artists at Smak Mellon in Brooklyn

2001: Saks receives California Arts Council Fellowship in Media