Rafael Sanchez

Performing Arts, 2002

Rafael Sanchez was born 1960 in Havana, grew up in Queens and New Jersey where he attended Rutgers University. He began creating sets in the late eighties, and eventually began performing his own. With the emergence of androgynous characters, diverse aspects of his work in drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and set design began to crystallize in atmospheric tableaux, merging spectacle and substance. 
 In 1999 Sánchez presented a two-act play entitled The Libation Bearers (The Opera); a fully lip-synched reinterpretation of Aeschylus’ tale of the same name, re-constructed from the rock band Queen’s early catalog of songs. The two-week run drew a diverse cross-over audience interested in art, theater, music and performance. Other staged works include Les Fleurs des Vents (2001), Dream On (1997), and Goat Song (1995). His work has been presented at New York’s Threadwaxing Space and Mother; Boston’s The Market Theater; and at The Armada Festival in Holland and the International Performance Festival in Mexico City.

Awards and Accomplishments

2008: Sanchez wins Exit Art's Ida Applebroog Award