Carl Deal

Moving Image, 2008

Carl Deal directed and produced the Academy Award-nominated Trouble the Water with collaborator Tia Lessin. He co-produced Capitalism: A Love Story in 2009, was a producer of Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, and has contributed to many other documentary films. Previously, he worked as a freelance journalist and news producer for Worldwide Television News and the European Broadcasting Union and has reported from disasters and conflict zones throughout North America, Latin America and Iraq. Deal has also documented civil and human rights abuses for several NGOs, among them Amnesty International, Greenpeace and Public Citizen. He holds an MS in journalism from Columbia University, which awarded him the Sander Social Justice Award.

Awards and Accomplishments


Tia Lessin & Carl Deal's Citizen Koch has its theatrical release in Spring 2014 with Variance Films


Deal & Tia Lessin's Citizen Koch has its New York premiere at the IFC Center


Lessin & Deal's Citizen Koch is highlighted in New Yorker article on PBS's alleged censorship of films critical of David Koch


Tia Lessin & Carl Deal's Kickstarter Campaign for Citizen Koch was a success, raising nearly $170,000 from over 3,000 backers


Lessin & Deal receive MacArthur Documentary Film Fund grant


Deal & Lessin receive Kindle Project Grant

2010: Lessin and Deal receive the Harry Chapin Media Award for film for _Trouble the Water_

2009: Lessin and Deal are nominated for the Producers Guild of America Award for Feature Documentary for _Trouble the Water_

2008: Lessin and Deal receive Grand Jury Prize: Documentary at Sundance Film Festival