Awardee: Marc Pierson

Visual Arts, 2000

Mark Pierson studied Music, Art and Architecture at the University of Vienna, Austria and at Clark University. His work includes the production of video and photographic installations and collaborative video art projects utilizing artists from various media. Pierson has composed music for dance, media and recording projects. His work has been exhibited at Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland; Arts Electronica, Linz, Austria; Montevideo, Amsterdam, Holland; Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston; and the Sao Paolo Biennale, Sao Paolo, Brazil. He has produced work with British film artist John Adams and performance artist Douglas Davis. Pierson has curated media programs at Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston; The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; and The Brattle Theatre, Cambridge, MA. Pierson resides in Boston, MA.

Project: X Billboard Project

The bi-racial artists collaborative X-PrZ used public sites in Boston for a yearlong series of billboards, subway station lightbox ads, and posters for subway cars, buses, and bus shelters. The work examines the figure and cultural legacy of Malcolm X in a revisionist historical framework, deconstructing his place as a commodified folk hero in the urban landscape. The project included five billboards and was documented via a website and the production of a broadcast-quality videotape.