Awardee: Martin Wattenberg

Emerging Fields, 2006

Martin Wattenberg's work centers on the theme of making the invisible visible. Past projects include _The Shape of Song_, _Third Person_, The Whitney Museum's _Artport Idea Line_ in New York City, and _Apartment_ with Marek Walczak. Wattenberg is a researcher at IBM, where he creates new forms of data visualization. He holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of California at Berkeley.

Project: Noplace

_Noplace_ is an interactive installation and website that aggregates utopias into a shared vision of paradise. The artists have developed software that takes data, images and text from individuals via the web and uses these feeds to create virtual structures. These structures expand as utopias are added to the project. In the final installation, projected shadows on the gallery walls represent the architecture that's evolved from the data, creating a physical browser that viewers can manipulate and transform with a wave of their hands.