Awardee: Eric Wolf

Moving Image, 2005

Eric Wolf was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1965. He is a photographer and filmmaker whose work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Mexico, France and the United States. Originally trained as a theatrical lighting designer, he began making photographs while working as a journalist in Mexico and Central America in the mid-1990s. The primary focus of his work has been the relationship of human beings to the contemporary urban landscape. A member of the International Center of Photography (ICP) teaching faculty since 2001, he is also a member of the French/American collective ANTHROPIC, Association de Gens d’Images.

Project: Outpost

_Outpost_ is a personal documentary on the nature of the human relationship to Iceland's extreme landscape. Shot in black and white Super-8 film, _Outpost_ begins with the true story of a 22-year-old sailor whose ship goes down in the North Atlantic on a freezing winter night in 1984. Through the imagined memories of the drowning sailor, the film takes the audience on a tour of the lava fields and abandoned farmhouses, over snow-covered highland mountains and black-sand deserts, to Reykjavik and back to the sea. The visual style of _Outpost_ is impressionistic, evoking memory itself as much as it chronicles acts of remembrance. The film includes stills from private collections and family albums, archival footage and an Icelandic-language voice-over, which add to the story's form and sense of place.