Center for Land Use Interpretation exhibits "The Centers of the USA" in Lebanon, KS

Aug 14 2010 - Mar 01 2011


CLUI Exhibit Unit
Official Center of the Contiguous United States
Lebanon, KS




Emerging Fields

Opening Reception:

Aug 14 2010

This exhibit inside a CLUI Exhibit Unit is temporarily installed at the center of the contiguous United States, north of Lebanon, Kansas. The exhibit depicts and describes several of the “Centers” of the nation, such as the geodetic center, in Lucas, Kansas and the geographic center, near Belle Fourche, South Dakota. The exhibit is available for viewing by the public 24/7— a phone number on the door tells people where to call to get the access code for the keypad lock on the door. The trailer, which has also been enjoyed as a shelter by members of the local highway department, has been visited by hundreds of people passing through over the last six months. Though the site is in a sense a historic relic, as it is the center just of the 48 contiguous states, it is a popular spot for people trying to get to the heart of things.

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