Marisa Morán Jahn Presents Mirror | Mask at Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Aug 16 2018 - Dec 09 2018


Utah Museum of Fine Arts
410 Campsu Center Drive
Salt Lake City, UT

MIRROR | MASK is a project by New York City-based artist Marisa Morán Jahn whose work uses mirrored masks to explore how we see ourselves reflected—or distorted—in others. It delves into ideas of identity, presentation, and self-reflection through an immersive exhibition in the ACME Lab as well as works juxtaposed with Utah Museum of Fine Arts objects in the permanent galleries. Jahn cites her interest in Asian, African, and Greek rituals and dramaturgy masks as influences for the artwork. She is also interested in examining Western modes of self-presentation in an era of ubiquitous digital screens and mirrors.

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