Ken Gonzales-Day presents his "Erased Lynching" series in "Seeing Now" at 21c Museum Hotel in Nashville, TN

Feb 01 2018 - Jan 01 2019


21c Museum Hotel
221 2nd Ave N
Nashville, TN

This multi-media selection of works by over two dozen artists explores what and how we see today, revealing the visible and hidden forces shaping both what the contemporary world looks like, and how we consume and interpret that information—how visual and psychological perception are evolving in the 21st century. The degradation of the environment is laid bare in Nick Brandt’s photographic elegy to Kenya, The Ravaged Land, while Hans Op de Beeck’s lyrical animation, Night Time, mixes nostalgia and desire in both praise and mourning for the unseen worlds of darkness and dreams. The power of visual perception to shape human lives is revealed in thought-provoking works by Creative Capital Awardees Ken Gonzales-Day and Paul Rucker, as well as Hank Willis Thomas, Travis Somerville, Sam Nhlengethwa and Marguerite Stephens, Graciela Sacco, Terence Hammonds, and others, which address the legacies of 20th-century racial, social, and political strife. 

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