Jillian Mayer Presents "Post Posture" at Postmasters

Feb 17 2018 - Mar 31 2018


54 Franklin Street
New York, NY

Opening Reception:

Feb 17 2018

Postmasters presents Jillian Mayer’s first solo exhibition with the gallery, Post Posture. There is a variation of Rudolph Zallinger’s iconic “March of Progress” illustration that depicts the same progression with the addition of a final figure, hunched over a keyboard in front of a computer, its posture mirroring that of the ape at the beginning of the sequence. Its titled, “Something, somewhere went terribly wrong.” Mayer responds to our postural decline with a positive solution: Slumpies. These utilitarian sculptures, which the artist began producing in 2016, accommodate and encourage cell phone usage. Each anticipates a particular gesture that is the result of holding a phone or digital device, giving shape to the negative space around a bodily form. Ranging in scale from tabletop to large-scale floor and wall pieces, made primarily of fiberglass and resin, and painted with colorful oils and acrylics, the works are whimsical and welcoming, sturdy enough to climb on and comfortable enough to lounge in, alone or with a partner depending on the design.

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