Ken Gonzales-Day included in "Establishing Justice" at the Pomona Museum of Art, Pomona, CA

Jan 25 2018 - May 13 2018


Pomona College Museum of Art
330 N. College Avenue
Claremont, CA

Opening Reception:

Jan 25 2018

Implicit in the act of Establishing Justice is the idea that Justice is a continuum. Pictures occupy an important space within the realm of justice, documenting and presenting a visual narrative of its continuous establishment. Establishing Justice examines the criminal justice system by exploring jails, courtrooms, and police departments and the defendants and prisoners who populate these spaces. These images consider the duality between societal detachment from judicial structures and candid vignettes of its harsh realities, while also questioning the assumption of guilt by racial stereotype. The exhibition includes work by CC Awardee Ken Gonzales-Day

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