Jen Bervin presents Silk Poems at Artisterium, the 10th Tbilisi Annual International Contemporary Art Exhibition and Art Events

Nov 04 2017 - Nov 14 2017


Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi History Museum “Karvasla”
8 Sioni Street

Jen Bervin’s “Silk Poems” at Artisterium10 explores the cultural, scientific linguistic and physical complexities of silk. Her research on the history of silk production took her to The State Silk Museum in Tbilisi, as well as to Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Working with scientists at Tufts University’s Silk Laboratory’s cutting edge research on liquified silk, she learned about the new technology of silk biosensors that detect chemical levels when implanted into the human body, and researched and wrote a poem using that technology. Written from the point of view of a silkworm who is pondering its life cycle, transformation and mortality, the poem’s layout mimics the silkworm’s back-and-forth head motions as it spins its silk cocoon, as well as silk’s six character DNA structure. If the future promises to use silk to help our bodies remain healthy, why not embed those strands with poetry that is meaningful? Bervin’s project suggests how new textile technologies, poetics and a heightened consciousness of the non-human world may actually help restore an individual’s well being. She reminds us that, to understand our own natural rhythms and lifecycle, we must learn to see on a smaller scale.


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