Abigail DeVille Presents "No Space Hidden (Shelter)" at ICA Los Angeles

Sep 09 2017 - Dec 31 2017


Institute of Contemporary Art Los Angeles
1717 E 7th Street
Los Angeles, CA

No Space Hidden (Shelter) marks Bronx-based multidisciplinary artist Abigail DeVille’s first solo museum presentation in Los Angeles. Noted for her dynamic, site-specific installations, DeVille’s work touches upon displacement, migration, marginalization, and cultural invisibility. DeVille undertakes intensive preparatory research, and acts as an archaeologist, collecting and repurposing found materials to give physical presence to unspoken histories and forgotten pasts. At the center of her practice is an interest in how movement through space is complicated by vectors of difference—particularly for women, people of color, and the economically disenfranchised—and how alternate narratives can be formed to redress the structural violence of inequality.

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