Miriam Simun Presents "A Wet Chemical Trace" at Helena Anrather

Sep 06 2017 - Oct 21 2017


Helena Anrather Gallery
28 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY


Emerging Fields

Helena Anrather is presents A Wet Chemical Trace, an exhibition of new work by Creative Capital artist Miriam Simun. Comprised of a series of sculptures that infuse the gallery with the scent of the Agalinis acuta flower, as well as a ten-minute video work. On view in the gallery is a series of bent-steel sculptures, presented in pairs, which Simun built as a kind of digital, or post-natural garden. Simun bent the forms herself, using her body and cold-bending techniques to curve eight lengths of steel rod into lyrical armatures. The steel forms are affixed with grow lamps, oddly shaped glass flasks, and a range of equipment familiar from research laboratories, but none of the sculptures is fixed in a permanent state; just as equipment might be moved in a laboratory, Simun’s work suggests the possibility of rearrangement. 

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