Zach Blas Premieres His Creative Capital Project at Gasworks in London

Sep 21 2017 - Dec 10 2017


155 Vauxhall Street

Spanning video, sculpture, performance and text, Contra-Internet by Zach Blas is a large-scale installation that engages the emerging militancies and subversions of the Internet, such as the global proliferation of encryption tactics, autonomous mesh networks, and darknets. The project aims to performatively critique the Internet as both a hegemonic descriptor for digital networking and premier arena of political control. The project premieres at Gasworks, with the debut of a film, Jubilee 2033, a queer science fiction film installation that includes live action, CGI animation, blown glass sculptures and a single edition publication titled The End of the Internet (As We Knew It). 

A "neutral" network during the 1980s and 90s, the internet is fast becoming the principle instrument of accelerated capitalism, surveillance and control: an infrastructure that it is increasingly difficult to imagine an outside of or alternative to. Counter to this, Contra-Internet appropriates queer and feminist approaches to technology and science fiction to reanimate the network’s more progressive past and speculate about forms of resistance to the internet of the present and near future. 

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