Cassils Premieres Their Creative Capital Project, "Monumental"

Sep 16 2017 - Dec 02 2017


Ronald Feldman Fine Arts
31 Mercer Street
New York, NY

Opening Reception:

Sep 09 2017

Monumental, Cassils second solo show at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, includes monuments made from precious metals and bodily waste, visceral sound and video installations, photographs and live performance. The centerpiece is PISSED, a minimalist glass cube containing 200 gallons of urine: a collection of all the liquid the artist has passed since the Trump administration rescinded an Obama-era executive order allowing transgender students to use the bathroom matching their chosen gender identities.  

On September 16th 6-8 pm, Cassils will perform Fountain, in which the artist is cathetered and linked to the glass cube via medical tubing, linking the beauty of the glowing cube of golden liquid back to the medicalized trans body.

A golden hue glows through the aesthetic of the Monumental; The orange lick of slow motion flame projected from Inextinguishable Fire dance across the fragile glass of the Encapsulated Breath sculptures. In Resilience of the 20%, the bronze gleams, polished by the collective touch and grip of those who struggled to heave its weight through the cobblestoned streets of Omaha, Nebraskain Monument Push. The new PISSED monument premieres when the political climate is soaked with oppression. Referencing minimalism, Cassils injects urgent content into pure form. 

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