Postmasters Gallery Presents "alt-facts"

Jun 17 2017 - Jul 29 2017


Postmasters Gallery
54 Franklin Street
New York, NY


Visual Arts

Opening Reception:

Jun 17 2017

alt-facts is a politically charged response to today’s mediascape. Spanning both gallery spaces, the works therein propose that the politicization of aesthetics—propaganda’s opposite—can offer profoundly powerful alternative truths.
Art condenses its message into objects; meaning is extrapolated. It lends itself to constructing fictions: Painting is illusion. Sculpture is fabrication. Virtual reality is unreal reality. In alt-facts, conceptual and material interventions produce fictitious narratives, alternative histories, objects and images both real and virtual. Poetic license does not have evil intent. It is a departure from reality because reality bites. Hello, you’ve reached the winter of our discontent.

The exhibition includes work by Creative Capital artists Kenya (Robinson), Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, Eva and Franco Mattes and the Yes Men.

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