Kyle Abraham Premieres His Creative Capital Project "Dearest Home" at YBCA

May 16 2017 - May 20 2017


701 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA

Kyle Abraham is a breathtaking performer who is pioneering a unique choreography that combines dance with his training in music and the visual arts. He has collaborated with numerous artists, from the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater to Beyoncé. His work fuses the youthful energy of hip-hop and urban dance with a strong grounding in modern and contemporary dance.

At its core, Dearest Home is a work about love, longing, and loss. Comprised primarily of solos and duets generated through conversations, workshops, and new research into the concept of scientific empathy, Dearest Home weaves together movement and vulnerability with cross-cultural conversation and community action. In YBCA’s intimate Forum, the audience will have the choice to watch the performance with a composed score playing through headphones or with a silent score and the ambient sound of bodies moving through space.

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