Rowan University Presents "How Food Moves"

Mar 27 2017 - May 27 2017


Rowan University Art Gallery
301 West High Street
Glassboro, NJ

In How Food Moves, artists explore how food transits through complex patterns of distribution in between the point of origin (the farm) and its point of consumption (the plate). Increasingly, contemporary artists are creatively grappling with the complexity of food's trajectory in this regard through research-based and participatory practices. Mr. Tucker, Graduate Program Director in Social and Studio Practices at Moore College of Art and Design, has brought together 10 multidisciplinary artists projects that grapple creatively with the complexity of food’s trajectory using research-based and participatory practices, community actions, video and photo documentations, interactive objects, digital technologies, and newly-commissioned pieces by artists who focus their inquiry from the regional context of Philadelphia and southern New Jersey. The exhibition includes Stephanie Rothenberg's Creative Capital project, Reversal of Fortune, as well as work by Otabenga Jones & Associates.

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