James Scruggs Premieres His Creative Capital Project, 3/Fifths, at 3-Legged Dog

May 01 2017 - May 28 2017


3-Legged Dog
80 Greenwich Street
New York, NY

James Scruggs' Creative Capital project, 3/Fifths, a satire, is a comprehensive theatrical exploration of root causes and continued violence perpetrated against men of color, and America’s fascination with the virtual weaponization of black skin. 3/Fifths will create a truly immersive environment using large scale video, performance, and music to trace the brutality from America’s original sin (Slavery), to the latest unarmed black man killed due to a heavily armed policeman fearing for their lives. Trauma of hundreds of years of racist carnage has been passed down to direct descendents of those enslaved. Measurable biological traumas of past atrocities are literally ‘cursing’ through the blood of living African Americans. All too often, the mere proximity of a black man can incite enough fear in an officer of the law that judgment gets skewed and charges toward violent, deadly outcomes.

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