A.K. Burns Presents "Fault Lines" at Callicoon Fine Arts

Feb 26 2017 - Apr 09 2017


Callicoon Fine Arts
49 Delancey Street
New York, NY

Knowing is a kind of death, halting pre-lingual sensitivities. Knowing what you know, all other knowns precipitate, presuming relative truths, knowledge, belief, reality… your norm. Admitting a lack of knowledge means accepting an inability to penetrate. To be rendered impotent, to be released. In a series of three, nearly identical partitions, acting jointly as thresholds (gates) and obstacles (fences)— the language embedded in their steel bars reads, respectively; KNOWN KNOWN, KNOWN UNKNOWN and UNKNOWN UNKNOWN. The gates, constructed of sandblasted steel, mimic the heavily painted black fences that dominate the New York City landscape. The text, a reference to a statement made by Donald Rumsfeld (in February 2002) at a press conference questioning what substantiation exists for the alleged ‘weapons of mass destruction.’ Rumsfeld uses this illusive linguistic detour for the strategic production of fear. This is A.K. Burns’ third solo exhibition at Callicoon Fine Arts. 

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