Futurefarmers Present "De-Bugging" at Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts

Feb 09 2017 - Apr 09 2017


Carpenter Center of the Visual Arts
Harvard University, 24 Quincy Street
Cambridge, MA

Opening Reception:

Feb 09 2017

Over the last two years, the Futurefarmers collective has envisioned Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts and its surrounding environment as sites for considering material "interruptions.” A series of disruptions in seemingly authoritative objects—fingerprints in red sidewalk bricks, errata slips in philosophy books, and a literal bug that stopped the machinery of an historic computer—are the elements generating the artists’ new multimedia projects Erratum TwoErratum Three and De-Bugging. What can result from pausing with these interruptions in form and meaning, bringing to them curiosity and wonder? This exhibition presents new works prompted by this question, along with earlier Futurefarmers projects that also demonstrate the collective's interest in "errors" as prompts for exploratory facture: Erratum: Brief Interruptions in the Waste Stream (2010) and Forging a Nail (2014).

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