Amie Siegel Presents "Quarry" at SFU Galleries

Jan 12 2017 - Mar 11 2017


SFU Audain Gallery
149 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, International

Amie Siegel's moving image work Quarry proceeds from the vast underground caverns of a Vermont marble quarry to the material’s high-end destination: the opulent sales galleries for Manhattan's newest residential skyscrapers. Quarry first attends the marble’s excavation from colossal underground chambers and then turns to the material's deployment in the future homes of the wealthy in Manhattan. White marble, with its association to Renaissance sculpture, is shaped and constructed into the interior surfaces of these luxury apartments, which are designed to bring even the most mundane spaces closer to the materiality and value of art. As pendant to the two sections, the recurrent musical score emphasizes the sublimity of the vast underground quarry and mirrors the grandiosity of the developers' sleek simulations and speculative models.

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