eteam presents "Waypoint Follow Orbit Focus Track Pan" at Rotterdam Film Festival

Jan 28 2017


International Film Festival Rotterdam


One of the biggest challenges in aerial views is the perception of depth. The view from above relies on shadows to accomplish the conventional pictorial distinction between figure and ground. Without shadows the landscape appears flat and provides cover against the eyes from the sky.
Every country has a tradition of camouflaging its soldiers, and every army has developed their own, individualized patterns for their uniforms, yet Croatia is one of the few countries, which uses a digitized shape of its own territory in its military camouflage design. Waypoint, Follow, Orbit, Focus, Track, Pan uses this pattern as a virtual launch pad for the autonomous mission of an unmanned aerial vehicle. Its point of view switches back and forth between the calculated circling of the predator, the darting chase for the individual and the steadily hovering “objective” god’s-eye view, observing gestures on the ground that go beyond being right or wrong, that go beyond being there or being not there, the real and the unreal.

Theatrical premiere of eteam’s latest short at the Rotterdam Film Festival as part of the Signs of Life Program.

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