Andrea Rosen Gallery Presents An Exhibition with Sable Elyse Smith

Jan 06 2017 - Feb 04 2017


Andrea Rosen Gallery
525 West 24th Street
New York, NY

Andrea Rosen Gallery presents Without A Body, featuring the work of Creative Capital artist Sable Elyse Smith and others. The body is the boundary point of overt social control – something that can be worked, borrowed against, confined, a unit that can be processed. The artists in this exhibition share a concern with the body as the locus of dispute between the world and the self, in conflicts both physical and psychological, and the ways in which the systems of social control through which our bodies must move work within and without us. Through video, sculpture, photography and text, Sable Elyse Smith probes the trauma of incarceration as it has related to her own family and history, and the ways these same traumas have been writ-large in America as a result of mass incarceration. Here, Smith’s sculptures present her short lyrical texts within institutional signage, the changeable letter boards that typically advertise visiting hours or church announcements.

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