Projects at the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art Includes Several Creative Capital Artists

Nov 01 2016 - Feb 19 2017


Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art
750 Marguerite Drive
Winston-Salem, NC

Opening Reception:

Nov 01 2016

Dispatches gathers and generates artistic responses to the news by 34 contemporary artists and photojournalists. The exhibition includes a survey of works from 2010 – present and launches a series of commissions, or "dispatches" on current events and the critical issues of our time.

The art works emerge from within and in defiance of today's media landscape, ranging from real-time coverage to deliberately slow and analog forms. They enlarge our collective capacity to sensitively receive stories delivered in today's unevenly regulated and fast flow of news. They decelerate the speed of information. Or, they organize collective efforts toward a more humanizing interaction.

The exhibition includes work by Creative Capital-supported artists Sheryl Oring, Eva and Franco Mattes, Dread Scott, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Mel Chin and Hasan Elahi. The show also includes work by For Freedoms, an artist run Super PAC in which Eric Gottesman and others are involved.

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