Oct 13 2016 - Oct 15 2016


Sid Gold’s Request Room
165 West 26th Street
New York, NY

It has been said that CHEEKY LaSHAE is the alter ego of artist Kenya (Robinson), but that is simply not true.  CHEEKY is CHEEKY’s own LaSHAE; the gender filled embodiment of our celestial origins, a sack of stars, an intergalactic amoeba and the glamorous remnants of The Big Bang, personified. Carbon material and diamond sparkle, CHEEKY invites you to THAT-THONG-SONG-SING-ALONG where revelers, warblers and onlookers will be introduced to the finer points of Karaoke UNIVERSAL.

While CHEEKY is not Kenya (Robinson) (b. 1977, Germany), CHEEKY does acknowledge (Robinson’s) inherent CHEEKY-ness by allowing a deeper probing—between the CHEEKS—a sing along situation that is dependent upon audience participation, the elevation of our pop cultural vernacular, nurturing a healthy sense of privilege and, of course, a 2-drink minimum.

There will be costume changes, unexpected microphones and absurd boxes.  But also songs as storytelling and glamour as revolution.

Sid Gold’s Request Room is consistently ranked as one of the best piano bars in New York City. With profiles in both the New Yorker and The New York Times, Sid Gold’s Request Room offers a stylish take on karaoke with live accompaniment, vintage décor, modern cocktails, and first date lighting.

For more information, please contact CHEEKY LaSHAE at [email protected].

Purchase tickets here.

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