"3 Women" at the Landing With Work by Tanya Aguiñiga

Jul 23 2016 - Sep 17 2016


The Landing Gallery
5118 W Jefferson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

The Landing presents a group exhibition, 3 Women, featuring works by Lenore Tawney, Loie Hollowell and Creative Capital-supported artist Tanya Aguiñiga. The exhibition uses as its framework the loose structure of Robert Altman’s film 3 Women (1977) to create a cross-generational dialogue that explores the intersections of craft and fine art, influence and homage.

The film 3 Women began as a dream that Robert Altman had, which the director soon adapted into a treatment for a movie that he planned to shoot without a script. The story revolves around three characters—Millie Lammoreaux, Pinky Rose, and Willie Hart—who take turns being infatuated, infuriated, and heavily influenced by one another. By the end of the film, these three merge into a singular identity that reflects three stages of womanhood: mother, daughter, and granddaughter. They live as one, in a world of their own making.

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