Carlos Motta presents "Histories for the Future" at PAMM

Jul 15 2016 - Jan 15 2017


PĂ©rez Art Museum Miami
1103 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL


Visual Arts

Histories for the Future explores ideas of gender, sexuality, and violence through a series of works cited in Latin America. Including four videos and an installation of 20 miniature sculptures, this exhibition takes the viewer back to the time of the conquest of the Americas (1492–1898), when people were brutally condemned for engaging in non-normative sexual practices such as sodomy, masturbation, and zoophilia. In the videos Deseos (2015) and the Nefandus Trilogy (2013), Motta creates narratives inspired by real-life accounts of people who were persecuted for their sexual orientations. A related sculptural installation titled Towards a Homoerotic Historiography (2014) investigates the relationship between hetero-dominated narratives and alternative sexual expressions. Providing insights on the construction of sexual and gender identities within colonial societies, Histories for the Future offers alternative stories of sex, gender, and violence through an expansive approach that recognizes the plurality of human sexuality in different geographic and cultural contexts.

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