Juan William Chávez Premieres His Creative Capital Project at Artpace

Jul 14 2016 - Sep 11 2016


445 North Main Avenue
San Antonio, TX

Three times a year, Artpace invites a guest curator to choose three artists to live and create art in San Antonio for two months. Each residency cycle includes one international, one national, and one Texas-based artist. Each resident receives a studio space, honoraria, production money, and the support of a full-time staff. The artworks created are exhibited for two months at Artpace and go on to appear in private and public collections worldwide.

Juan William Chavez is one of the artists Artpace has invited to its residency this summer. Juan will work on his Creative Capital-supported project, the Pruitt-Igoe Bee Sanctuary. The project is a proposal for the City of St. Louis to transform the urban forest where the Pruitt-Igoe housing development once stood into a public space that cultivates community through beekeeping and preserving 33 acres of green space. 

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