Jeff Becker Presents His Creative Capital Project as a Work-in-Progress

May 04 2016 - May 08 2016


609 Saint Ferdinand Street
New Orleans, LA


Performing Arts

Inspired by a passage from Gabriel García Márquez, Jeff Becker's Sea of Common Catastrophe is a multi-disciplinary celebration of the resilience and imagination of communities during times of complex transformation. This early version of the piece is about 40 minutes long and features the choreography of Jeffrey Gunshol, video by Courtney Egan, lighting by Evan Spigelman, music by Sean LaRocca, sound by Jo Nazro, and costumes by Laura Sirkin-Brown. Performed by Kehinde Ishangi, Kathy Randels and Lisa Shattuck, with special cameo appearances by Rebecca Mwase, Andy Vaught and Chris Lane.

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