The Pit Presents "Flavr Savr" With Danielle Dean and Lynn Hershman Leeson

Apr 10 2016 - May 22 2016


The Pit
918 Ruberta Avenue
Glendale, CA


Visual Arts

Opening Reception:

Apr 10 2016

People in positions of power and authority claim ambiguity and uncertainty as a means of control (think of the conservative cry to “teach the controversy!” regarding climate change and evolution; or the fact that no distinction between GMO and non-GMO foods is recognized by the US FDA). The five artists in this exhibition embrace the oppositional potential of ambiguity and uncertainty for its perennial ability to suggest alternatives to prescribed social and cultural conventions. By using the recognizable and transforming it, they open up new interpretive frameworks and communicate meanings often in subversion of that recognizable thing.

The group exhibition, curated by Alexandra Gaty, includes works by Danielle Dean and a new installation by Lynn Hershman Leeson.

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