Andrew Edlin Gallery presents "World Made By Hand"

Feb 07 2016 - Mar 20 2016


Andrew Edlin Gallery
212 Bowery
New York City, NY


Visual Arts

Opening Reception:

Feb 07 2016

Andrew Edlin Gallery is pleased to present the group exhibition World Made By Hand, featuring 70 artists engaged in the medium of drawing. Devoid of dependence on any form of technology, these works depict imagery that is primarily derived from nature and the minds of its creators. Free from overt references to 20th or 21st century popular culture these artists tap into their immediate external and internal environments.

The genesis for the exhibition World Made By Hand is the 2008 novel of the same title by James Howard Kunstler, in which citizens of a rural town in upstate New York rebuild their society in the aftermath of devastating personal loss due to nuclear destruction, epidemics and economic collapse that has all but eliminated the comforts of modern living – no electricity, automobiles, common medications like antibiotics, or any kind of mass food production. In short, almost nothing can be taken for granted.

The exhibition includes Creative Capital supported artists Brent Green and Chris Doyle, among other artists.

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