Janine Antoni Presents "Ally" at the Fabric Workshop and Museum

Apr 21 2016 - Jul 31 2016


Fabric Workshop and Museum
1214 Arch Street

Opening Reception:

Apr 21 2016

Instigated by Creative Capital artist Janine Antoni in collaboration with preeminent choreographer, theatre, and community artist Anna Halprin and pioneer choreographer Stephen Petronio, Ally is a series of works combining sculpture, installation, film, and performance. These works are being created through the Artist-in-Residence Program of The Fabric Workshop and Museum and will premiere at the institution in April 2016.

In Ally, Antoni pursues her interest in bodily presence, touch, and movement. Through a series of unique collaborations with Halprin and Petronio, the trio investigates the translation of ideas across forms and the vast potential that lies in their relations. The encounter between these artists from distinct practices and generations becomes a means of unearthing unknown affinities and historical entwinements. In alliance the artists forge a new visual language of tactile material held within processes of transformation.

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