A.K. Burns Presents "A Smeary Spot" at Participant, Inc.

Sep 16 2015 - Oct 18 2015


Participant, Inc.
253 East Houston Street
New York City, NY




Visual Arts

The new exhibition at Patricipant, Inc by A.K. Burns consists of a new 55-minute multi-channel video installation, drawing on speculative fiction, theater, and documentary tactics. This episode was shot in two locations: on public lands in the deserts of southern Utah and inside a black box theater, where performers deliver recitations of appropriated and altered texts that compose a loose manifesto on being. A Smeary Spot is an entrance into a cycle of video works and exhibitions that will be collectively known as Negative Space, A.K. Burns’ Creative Capital project.

The title A Smeary Spot, a reference to the sun, is borrowed from Johanna Russ. This dense concentration of heat and light, bright beyond our abilities to perceive, is always out of focus, out of grasp, yet permeating everywhere in every thing. An organizing principle of time, of place, of ego, it is powerful in its persistence. Sitting there, sinking, only to rise again. Hung above the line, the horizon, balancing between giving and taking too much. What potential emerges when we glance away from the source and settle into the blurry residue of the afterimage?

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