Ken Gonzales-Day presents "Objects Arranged by Color" at 21C Musueum, Louisville, KY

Aug 20 2015 - Oct 10 2015


The Kentucky Center for the Arts
501 W Main Street
Louisville, KY

Over the course of four days every autumn, IdeaFestival takes physical form in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. This event is for anyone, irrespective of any demographic, to collaborate and be inspired to think differently.The result of this is an environment that not only proves to be a disruptive catalyst for innovation, but also cultivates valuable relationships through the intermingling of diverse topics and backgrounds. Among the list of speakers are Miwa Matreyek, Andy Kropa, Kelly Heaton, Ken Gonzales-Day, and Creative Capital Director, Ruby Lerner. 21C Museum will host an exhibitoin of Creative Capital artists presenting at IF.

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