Anthology Film Archive Screens James Bidgood's "Pink Narcissus"

Sep 01 2015 - Sep 02 2015


Anthology Film Archive
32 Second Avenue
New York, NY




Film and Video

James Bidgood made a name for himself with his fantastical gay erotic photographs; in 1963, he embarked on a cinematic project in a similarly gauzy style. A wordless (and often clothes-less) study of a dark-haired young man cruising through seedy nightclubs, city streets, and forests, Pink Narcissus was shot on 8mm entirely on bejeweled plastic sets constructed in Bidgood’s tiny apartment, the director operating as one-man-band. Filmed over seven years, this handmade epic wasn’t finished so much as confiscated by its financier and cut against Bidgood’s wishes. It was initially shown without a director’s credit, leading some to speculate it was a secret Warhol project, but reemerged decades later as Bidgood’s creation and a pioneering work of the queer avant-garde. After a long hiatus, Bidgood returned to photography in 2005, but not, as of yet, filmmaking.

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