Travis Wilkerson screens "Los Angeles Red Squad" and hosts a seminar at University of California at Santa Cruz

Mar 03 2015 - Mar 04 2015


University of California at Santa Cruz
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA




Film and Video

UC Santa Cruz hosts a live performance/screening/discussion of the first two volumes of Travis Wilkerson‘s new film series Los Angeles Red Squad on Tuesday, March 3 at 7:30 PM in Communications 150/Studio C.

Premiering at the International Film Festival of Marseilles, Los Angeles Red Squad seeks to trace the early activities of the Red Squad section of the Los Angeles municipal police, under the zealous tutelage of its figurehead in the 1920’s and 30’s, William “Red” Hynes. Hynes’ mission? To track down, flush out and threaten communist activists. Combining sketches of today’s struggle and those of yesteryear with a detailed summary of repression which runs throughout the films, a veil covering the images of the present, Wilkerson creates a superimposition that is as metaphorical as it is real. 

Wilkerson also hosts a seminar titled Post-Realism Seminar #7 with Travis Wilkerson on Wednesday, March 4 from 10 AM—1 PM at Kresge 157. The seminar will both continue the discussion of Los Angeles Red Squad, and engage with the work of the seminal East German documentary filmmaking team Heynowski & Scheumann. This seminar is open to all, but space is limited. To reserve a place in the seminar please contact Alex Johnston by Monday, March 2: please send the message with “Wilkerson Seminar” in the subject line.  

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