Jame Fotopoulos presents "The Given" at Microscope Gallery in Brooklyn

Feb 20 2015 - Mar 23 2015


Microscope Gallery
1329 Willoughby Avenue, #2B
Brooklyn, NY




Film and Video

Microscope is very pleased to present The Given, the second solo exhibition by artist James Fotopoulos at the gallery featuring new video, drawings and digital prints. The title piece, with actress Sophie Traub as the lead, is a 75-minute semi-narrative reflection on the nature of acting, recalled memory, and lived experience. The work, shot both in actual and staged settings in New York, is influenced by a series of unusually intense dreams the artist recorded in a journal years ago and his time spent accompanying a Chicago detective in his investigation of several murders not long thereafter. Themes of sexuality, abuse, and art as related to the works of Frank Wedekind, especially “Fruhlings Erwachenen” (Spring Awakening), anchor the experimental work.

With The Given Fotopoulus draws attention to the elements and traditions overlapping and separating the notions and presentations of art and cinema. The video “The Given” is projected in darkness in the room on a 12-foot screen, with rows of seats for an audience, and is played in its entirety, looping four times a day, during regular gallery hours. Four graphite and Conté crayon drawings completed after and with references to the film, an original movie poster and a digital print by the artist hang lit on the walls. Fotopoulos’ preliminary sketches, story boards, scripts and other documentation of “The Given” have been assembled together in a presentation book also on view.

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