Jon Kessler presents "Jon Kessler's Gifts" at Freeman Alley in New York

Feb 15 2015 - Mar 28 2015


Salon 94 Freemans | Freeman Alley

New York, NY




Visual Arts

Jon Kessler presents an exhibition of small kinetic sculptures entitled Jon Kessler’s Gifts. The show includes sculptures that Kessler has made as gifts to close friends and family, commemorating birthdays and weddings over the years. Borrowed-back gifts are shown alongside new gifts that offer lyrical objects playing with ideas of balance, mechanics, customization, and personalization. Kessler is known for massive installations that comprise hundreds of screens and cameras, walls of TVs, interactive feedback and often an immersive assault on the senses. Jon Kessler’s Gifts, in contrast, is an exhibition of personal and idiosyncratic arrangements on an intimate scale.

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