31 Creative Capital Awardees in "Wave & Particle: A group exhibition celebrating Creative Capital's 15th anniversary" at Ronald Feldman Gallery in New York

Feb 14 2015 - Mar 21 2015


Ronald Feldman Gallery
31 Mercer Street
New York, NY




Visual Arts

Featuring Creative Capital Awardees: Janine Antoni, Edgar Arceneaux, Heather Cassils, Patty Chang, Julia Christensen, Chris Doyle, Eric Dyer, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Ken Gonzales-Day, Brent Green, Kelly Heaton, Shih Chieh Huang, Jennie C. Jones, Brian Knep, Simone Leigh (featuring Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts), Jennifer & Kevin McCoy, Matthew Moore with Braden King, Carlos Motta, Jeanine Oleson and Laurie Jo Reynolds and Jean Casella, Karyn OlivierJason Salavon, Gregory SaleMiriam SimunJesse SugarmannSuttonBeresCuller, Sam Van Aken and Quintan Ana Wikswo (list in formation).

“We are faced with a new kind of difficulty. We have two contradictory pictures of reality; separately neither of them fully explains the phenomena of light, but together they do.”
- Albert Einstein and Leopold Infeld, “The Evolution of Physics” (1938, on wave-particle duality)

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts will present Wave & Particle, a group exhibition of more than two dozen artists who are awardees of Creative Capital, in celebration of the organization’s 15th anniversary. In general, the artists in the exhibition address contemporary issues surrounding conditions that might be rectified, and the selection of artworks embraces the notion of synthesizing contradictory elements. Using the principle of wave-particle duality in quantum physics as a metaphor, the exhibition muses on how one might describe or consider objects that can be read in more than one way. 

The exhibition presents a wide range of media including videos, sculptures, readymades, prints, photographs, floor works, ceiling hangings, and objects that incorporate electronics and light. The works tell jokes, breathe, induce altered states, invite spiritual contemplation, or call us to political action. 

Wave & Particle includes a very small sample of the artists working in the disciplines of visual arts, performing arts, moving image, literature, and emerging fields that Creative Capital has supported over the years. Special thanks to Sean Elwood, Director of Programs & Initiatives for Creative Capital, for curating the exhibition.

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