Natalie Jeremijenko and Miriam Simun participate in "Systematic Sampling" at Stream Gallery in Brooklyn

Jan 08 2015 - Jan 22 2015


Stream Gallery
1196 Myrtle Ave
Brooklyn, NY




Emerging Fields

Natalie Jeremijenko and Miriam Simun participate in “Systematic Sampling” at Stream Gallery in Brooklyn.

How do artists use, abuse and work in parallel to techno-scientific processes to make meaning of emergent ecologies?

Stream Gallery presents Systematic Sampling, a group exhibition featuring Audra Wolowiec, Brenna Murphy, Chris Woebken & Sascha Pohflepp, Ellie Irons, Erin Sexton, Genevieve Hoffman, Jess Rowland & Margaret Schedel & Kevin Yager, Melissa F. Clarke & Sue Ngo, Nanu Al-Hamad & Miriam Simun, Natalie Jeremijenko & xDesign Team, Phillip Stearns, Richard Garet and Trish Mackenzie.

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