Faith Wilding presents "Fearful Symmetries" Retrospective at Threewalls in Chicago

Jan 10 2014 - Feb 22 2014


119 N Peoria #2C
Chicago, IL




Emerging Fields

Threewalls is honored to present Fearful Symmetries, the first retrospective exhibition of the influential feminist artist Faith Wilding. Widely known as a performance artist, Wilding was a key figure in the formation of the first Feminist Art Program in Fresno in 1970, and at Cal Arts in 1971. She was a major contributor to the now historical, month-long collaborative feminist installation Womanhouse, sited in an abandoned mansion in Los Angeles in 1972, where she performed her highly celebrated work Waiting.

Fearful Symmetries curates a selection of works from Wilding’s studio practice spanning the past forty years, highlighting a range of works on paper—drawings, watercolors, collage and paintings—exhibited together here for the first time. Taking up key, allegorical imagery in Wilding’s work, the exhibition focuses on themes of “becoming,” both the transformative event itself, and the threshold to transfiguration. This state of in-between-ness is articulated through imagery of leaves, the chrysalis, hybrid beings, and liminal circumstances themselves, like “waiting,” the subject of Wilding’s two prominent performances Waiting and Wait-With.

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