Paul Rucker presents "The Empathy Project" at the Leidy Galleries in MICA's Graduate Studio Center in Baltimore

Feb 21 2014 - Mar 16 2014


Leidy Galleries in MICA's Graduate Studio Cente
131 W. North Ave
Baltimore, MD




Visual Arts

Paul Rucker presents The Empathy Project, an interactive exhibition, and a series of conversations and performances in the Sheila & Richard Riggs and Leidy galleries in MICA’s Graduate Studio Center. 

Paul Rucker explains some of his thinking related to this project: “It’s vital for artists to step outside their comfort zones. Not just with new mediums, but also with new approaches and ways of thinking. One of the many challenges in life is to try and make sense or understand the ‘why?’ of everyday observations. We no doubt spend most of our time looking at things from our own perspective—things not only in the news, but also in the classroom, as well as walking home… Even when we see that someone else has a problem, we think about how we would solve the problem, often without taking into account possible disparities in resources or options. This project is not about solving another’s problem, or feeling sorry for someone. It’s about understanding, walking in their shoes, without judgment, or the expectation of a clean resolution.”  

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