Marina Zurkow & Lynn Hershman Leeson present work in "Craft Tech/Coded Media: Women, Art and Technology" at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, CO

Oct 03 2013 - Jan 26 2013


Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
1750 13th Street
Boulder, CO




Film and Video

Marina Zurkow & Lynn Hershman Leeson present work in Craft Tech/Coded Media: Women, Art and Technology at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. Craft Tech / Coded Media: Women, Art and Technology critically examines the role of gender in technology through the lens of contemporary women artists. In the twenty-first century as digital media increasingly permeates every level of our lives, what is the relationship between gender and technology? Is our period one of utopian embrace of social networks, enabled by technology? What is the relationship of the body to technology? This exhibition continues an examination of gendered frameworks for technology and art in the 21st century, and will include art by women who engage in and ultimately challenge the uncritical celebration of utopian claims for benevolent globalized technologies.

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