Steve Rowell presents part of his Creative Capital project, "Uncanny Sensing," at INOVA, Milwaukee

Jun 21 2013 - Sep 15 2013


Institute of Visual Arts (INOVA)
2400 E. Kenwood Blvd.
Milwaukee, WI




Emerging Fields

Steve Rowell presents his exhibition Uncanny Sensing at INOVA this summer. This exhibition focuses on the locations where technology and culture overlap in nature, and how the results of this convergence affect our engagement with the landscape. Over the past year, Rowell identified sites in Wisconsin and traveled across the state to access remote, often contested, areas where he took photographs and placed trail cameras and audio monitors to capture raw footage from the field. While these autonomous sensing devices extend our perception and knowledge of the world, the resulting art works reflect how unfamiliar our perspective becomes when the remote, disembodied lens and microphone stand in for our eyes and ears. The collected images and sounds range from the banal to the ambiguous, the wondrous to the disconcerting. In contemplating them, we might face our preconceptions of “landscape” and “environment” and think about the romance and reality bound up in the human-influenced and natural processes at work out there.

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