Erin Cosgrove exhibits in "The 10th Circle" at VAST space projects, Henderson, NV

Mar 02 2013 - Apr 13 2013


VAST space projects
730 W. Sunset
Henderson, NV




Film and Video

Opening on March 2nd and featuring work by eight artists—Scott Anderson, Erin Cosgrove, Jimi Gleason, Kyla Hansen, Brian Porray, Jaime Scholnick, Nicolas Shake, and Wayne White—The 10th Circle poses a vexed question: what is the relevance of art in an age of “relativism run amok”? … For The 10th Circle exhibition, curator David Pagel takes cues from the Italian poet Dante’s work, The Inferno and, to a lesser degree, from Rob Reiner’s cult film, This Is Spinal Tap. In the medieval classic, Dante takes the reader on a tour of the landscape and architecture of hell, while in Reiner’s mockumentary, the viewer glimpses heaven, or something close to it, lurking in the mysteries of technology. 

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