Matthew Moore Presents "Lifecycles" at Nuit Blanche Festival in Toronto

Sep 29 2012 - Sep 30 2012


David Pecaut Square
221 King Street West (West of Simcoe Street)
Toronto, International




Visual Arts

Lifecycles is a six-screen 32-foot circular video installation by Arizona artist Matthew Moore that transforms Pecaut Square for one night with imagery of vibrant microscopic growth cycles. Using time-lapse photography, the installation combines brilliant visual imagery with sounds of microscopic plant growth and original musical arrangements to highlight the intimate time- based processes integral to agriculture. Bridging nature and culture, Moore’s installation creates a space for natural cycles at the heart of an urban setting that often overrides such rhythms.

As the last of four generations to farm his family’s land outside of Phoenix, Arizona, Moore has made landscape transformation and development pressures the ongoing subject of his art practice, transposing his responses to these issues in creative expressions of environmental and economic sustainability. Suburban sprawl inspired Moore to create the Digital Farm Collective, a non-profit whose goal is to document the most important daily process of agriculture, the growing process in the field. The Lifecycles project is a part of the larger effort of the Digital Farm Collective to build this international visual archive. It offers not only a glimpse of historical land use but suggests alternative futures for contemporary urban landscapes.

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