Work by 10 Creative Capital grantees featured in the 50th New York Film Festival

Sep 28 2012 - Oct 14 2012


New York Film Festival

New York, NY




Film and Video

Creative Capital is thrilled to have work by ten grantees included in the 2012 New York Film Festival, produced by the Film Society of Lincoln Center. Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Verena Paravel will have the U.S. Premiere of their Creative Capital-supported project, Leviathan. Michael Robinson celebrates the Premiere of one part of his Creative Capital-supported project, Circle in the Sand. Other grantees included in the festival are: Phil Solomon, Brad Butler, Peggy Ahwesh, Lewis Klahr, Deborah Stratman, Joe Gibbons, Janie Geiser and Kevin Everson.

Premiere of Leviathan, Alice Tully Hall, October 13, 6:00pm
Lucien Castaing-Taylor (Sweetgrass) and Véréna Paravel (Foreign Parts) team for another singular anthropological excavation, this time set inside one of the world’s most dangerous professions: the commercial fishing industry. Taking to the high seas of the North Atlantic—Herman Melville territory—the filmmakers capture this harsh, unforgiving world in all of its visceral, haunting, cosmic detail, using an arsenal of cameras that pass freely from film crew to ship crew, and swoop from below sea level to literal bird’s-eye views. The result is a hallucinatory sensory experience quite unlike any other. To paraphrase Francis Ford Coppola describing his Apocalypse Now, Leviathan isn’t a movie about commercial fishing; it is commercial fishing. More Info

Premiere of Circle in the Sand, Francesca Beale Theater, October 5, 5:30pm
Exploring ideas of transformative exile and supernatural intervention, Michael Robinson’s Circle in the Sand is a pair of experimental films set in the near future, during a second American civil war. The first film follows a band of exiled political prisoners and their supervising soldiers, living in the ruins of a seaside military fort. The second film focuses on a family living in self-imposed exile during the same unstable future, operating a boarding house for deserters and expatriates on a remote tropical island. Despite their separate narratives and settings, these films share overlapping characters and references. More Info

Other Creative Capital grantee screenings:
Friday October 5
: free amphitheater programming which will include Phil Solomon and Brad Butler
Friday October 5  at 5:30pm: Circles of Confusion, a program that includes Peggy Ahwesh, Lewis Klahr and Michael Robinson
Saturday October 6 at 1:30pm: Beyond Borderlines, a program that includes Deborah Stratman
Saturday October 6 at 2:30pm
: A Peggy Ahwesh and Joe Gibbons program
Sunday October 7 at 1:30pm: Touch and Go, a program that includes Janie Geiser
Sunday October 7 at 7:00pm: Atlas Minus, including Peggy Ahwesh and Kevin Everson

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